All glitters are gold

Thousands of potential combinations.

Like many other stores in the jewelry niche - large product selections could be a real challenge.

How would you match thousands of items and come up with the prefect upsell offer?

The challenge could only be faced by using an advanced matching algorithm to match the customers cart and interests with more items.

Step 1: Hacking an infinite catalog.

When dealing with thousands of potential combinations it's best to relay of the stream of data to do the work for us.

Auto pilot funnels consider the customers current cart and base it's recommendations on other customers history and preference.

Step 2: Choosing the right type of funnel.

The merchant realized most customers buy just 1 product.

That means the opportunity window is short - customers might skip the amazing deals the store has to offer.

Product page funnel seemed like the perfect choice.

Here's how it performed:

7 day results
Key takeaways:

Design to match the brand - we imported the exact fonts and colors inside the app to match the brand. Keeping context keeps the customers' confidence level high.

Auto pilot to the rescue - with over 1000 variants and products in stock using Honeycomb's auto pilot proved to be the best choice.

Make an offer they can't refuse - shipment was taking the hefty chunk of orders value. As customers already paid for shipping, it was possible to offer 50% off the upsell items while keeping a high profit.

Large inventory? easy! the app takes care of the heavy lifting for you.

We can't wait to learn how you're going to use Honeycomb.

Jessica Kane
Head of Market Analytics @ Conversion Bear
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