Masks for $10K

Masks are selling like hot buns.

This store was not even in the masks business prior to COVID 19.

Their niche was mostly electronics and phone covers.

But - they saw an opportunity and took it.

As they kept masks hidden from the main catalog, they were looking for a way to promote the product without taking the focus away from their main products.

Step 1: Setting us a secret funnel.

The masks were added only inside the upsell funnel - that kept the brand and catalog consistent on the storefront.

Their masks offers are only revealed after the initial order is made.

Step 2: Setting up multiple offers.

They added 3 masks modes as upsell offers - starting from the cheapest kind of mask to the most expensive one.

Here's how it went:

7 day results
Key takeaways:

Get another - everyone needs a mask and people can't seem to get enough. Offering customers to get another mask at a reduced cost proved a stellar simple strategy.

People care - customers want to take care of their loved ones. Highlighting the family needs inside the upsell offer content paid off.

Add masks to your catalog - this store does not specialize in masks. By giving customers a chance to buy a mask along their original purchase they catered to the immediate market need.

Complimentary items? nothing beats serving the best offers at the right timing.

We can't wait to learn how you're going to use Honeycomb.

Jessica Kane
Head of Market Analytics @ Conversion Bear
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