The 24% underwear conversion rate

Selling more panties.

This simple KPI was at the heart of an underwear niche store.

Canadian owners Rachel and Owen reached out to us asking if we could tailor a funnel for this single purpose.

Panties might sound like an easy sale - but they're actually not. Consider different sizes, fabrics and styles - it's quite tricky getting the right offer in front of the right customer.

Step 1: We did our little research.

We found their best selling products are bras. Then - we mapped panties styles with matching bra style using Honeycomb smart engine.

Step 2: Choosing the right timing.

We set up 2 funnels - Cart page funnel and Thank you page funnel.

After just four days it was very clear that Thank you page funnels convert better.

When the bra deal is sealed - customers just had to get the matching panties to complete their look.

Here are the results:

7 day results
Key takeaways:

The perfect match - the upsell funnel was triggered on each bra purchase. A matching underwear was offered for 30% off.

Don't push it - the matching underwear offer was around 15% of the store's AOV. That's a no brainer offer. Customers won't tend to spend 25% more than they initially planned.

Keep it simple - the upsell funnel included just 1 laser targeted offer. Customers just needed to click 1 button to accept the offer.

This smart and elegant setup worked.

We can't wait to learn how you're going to use it.

Jessica Kane
Head of Market Analytics @ Conversion Bear
300+ reviews (5.0)
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