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Today, I want to share our unbeatable strategy to boost profits in your store.

Here’s the secret: winning big isn’t a matter of attracting new prospects - it’s all about the customers you already have!

Research shows that you are 50% more likely to sell to an existing customer than a new one, so the surest way to hit the ball out of the park is by raising your average order value.

Check out this game plan to win an extra $1000 a week by increasing your average order value:
$1 added to each order X 1000 weekly orders = Extra $1000 a week
$5 added to each order X 200 weekly orders = Extra $1000 a week
$10 added to each order X 100 weekly orders = Extra $1000 a week
Homerun, right?

Well... more of a double.

I know what you’re thinking.

An extra $1000 spent by your customers is not an extra $1000 dollars earned.

When you increase your AOV by upselling products, manufacturing or wholesale costs are gonna bring your profits down.

But what if you could increase your AOV by $1/$5/$10 and keep 100% of the revenue?
Next up at bat we have: add-on services as upsell offers.

Sell your customers add-on services that don’t cost you a cent:

* Priority shipping
* Extended warranty
* Support plans

Now that’s a home run!
Set up add-on service upsell in 60 seconds
Learn how
In my next post, I’m going to introduce a groundbreaking feature of Honeycomb Upsell Funnels.

Keep your head in the game and stay tuned!
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Jonathan Biri
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