“At any given point in time, there isn't just one version of Facebook running, there are probably 10,000.”
(Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook)

Let it sink in for a second.

Why would a $150B company with 45K talented employees test every business decision they make before moving on to the next?

Because they understand this simple truth:
Gut feelings are misleading.
Customers' responses to changes are unpredictable
Upsell funnels are no different.

Comparing several versions of your funnels is the quickest scientific way to identify which one actually works.

When a split test is launched, your funnel’s traffic is randomly divided equally between the different versions of your funnel.

This allows you to prove that one version of the funnel is better than the other.

It’s also the fastest way to increase your funnel revenue.

Employ this never ending cycle to keep improving results:

👉 Gain funnel views
👉 Compare results
👉 Pick winner 🎉
👉 Start a new test (repeat)
3 Split testing ideas to get you started

#1 Discount value

Test price sensitivity. Feature the exact same offer with 1 major difference - the price.

🔴 Version A - no discount.
🔵 Version B - 25% off.

#2 One vs. three offers

Test audience interest level. Does presenting multiple offers actually increase your upsell order value, or does it just drive customers away?

🔴 Version A - one cross-sell offer.
🔵 Version B - three cross-sell offers.

#3 Content

Test your voice and tone. Compare aggressive vs. nonaggressive content.

🔴 Version A - “One time offer! Get 20% off NOW before it’s gone forever!”
🔵 Version B - “Take advantage of our best offer.”
You can use any of these split testing ideas in your store.

Discover the best funnel versions to impact your business’s bottom line.

Open your Honeycomb app and start testing now.
Jonathan Biri
Co-Founder @ Conversion Bear
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