👓 Lockdown essentials: canned goods, toilet paper and... protective eyewear?
With COVID-19 locking front doors around the world, weeks of gazing at cell phone and computer screens have left consumers wondering why their heads hurt and they can’t get a full night’s sleep…

Turns out we’re over exposing ourselves to dangerous blue light. People everywhere are wising up, and blue light glasses are on the rise.
Blue light glasses are the heroes of quarantine
Did you know the average person spends 6-7 hours in front of a screen daily?

Laptops, tablets, cell phones, watches… not to mention work, which often means a full day on the computer followed by a night of blurry vision, headaches and insomnia.

Blue light glasses are proving an impressive solution, with lenses coated to deflect the harmful blue light emitted by electronic devices. This latest trending product targets everyone and anyone spending too much time on their screens.

Know anyone who meets the criteria? 👀

And who says staying healthy means we can’t look our best? Allow us to introduce barnerbrand.com, an industry frontrunner determined to keep its customers safe and stylish.
Get your Barners out and let's take a closer look
Founded in 2017, Barner brand is named for people around the world (called ‘barners’) who embrace the optimistic lifestyle of the company’s home base - Barcelona.

Friends Edu and Ray set out to build a better solution to the growing problem of blue light exposure, launching two successful kickstarter campaigns and selling +12,000 glasses across 81 different countries. Barner glasses are made with high quality lenses and come in a range of styles for men, women and children.
Plus, how many brands put out imagery as creative as their product?
Barner doesn’t technology-shame. Instead, their stunning imagery reminds prospective customers how engrossed they are in their many electronic devices. One glance at this collection, and we’re ready to place our order!
Brainstorming your way in already? 🧠
Blue light glasses may be getting more stylish by the minute, but why stop there? The eyecare industry has long since discovered a less style-hindering, more comfortable alternative to glasses: contact lenses, preferred by 125 million people worldwide. Sounds like blue light contact lenses have a market ready and waiting...

If you’re on the lookout for inspiration, check out these 2 additional Shopify stores featuring their own impressive collections of screen glasses:

* The stunning ambreyewear.com
Australia's baxsterblue.com.au
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Till next time - stay safe and stylish.
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