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A diamond painting is forever
Explore the latest trend dazzling the arts and crafts industry.
Jessica Kane, Head of Market Analytics @ Conversion Bear
July 17, 2020

Between work, family and social responsibilities, it often feels like we’re running a marathon we forgot to train for. Desperate to catch your breath? So are consumers everywhere, as they find solace in sitting still for hours at a time, placing thousands of tiny diamonds on a canvas one-by-one to create sparkling masterpieces.

Diamonds aren’t just a girl’s best friend… they’re everyone’s 💍

Following in the footsteps of user-friendly crafts like paint-by-numbers or adult coloring books, this latest artistic phenomenon is for anyone and everyone who wants to sparkle.

Diamond painting is a mosaic art form in which colorful resin rhinestones are applied to canvas paintings to create artwork that glitters and glows. The colors of the gemstones correspond with numbers or letters on the canvas, allowing the painter to easily preserve the picture as he bedazzles. And we’ve noticed that Diamond Art Club is shining the brightest.

Diamond Art Club’s remarkable store is as dazzling as its paintings.

A few years ago, Diamond Art Club founder Angie Shehaj discovered her love for diamond painting. Shehaj says that when diamond art came into her life, she was overworked, underfed and yearning for a creative outlet.

While many platforms offer customers the opportunity to bedazzle classics like Starry Starry Night, Diamond Art Club takes a unique approach, working with a team of artists to produce original designer art. These pieces are turned into 10,000 to 30,000 dot frames and rendered on distinctly soft canvases.

The company’s stunning Shopify store targets any consumer on the lookout for artistic release, reminding customers to always, “do what makes you sparkle". And what could make them sparkle more than Diamond Art Club’s 100% resin diamonds?

The company’s clever ads draw on Angie Shehaj’s personal experience, emphasizing the simultaneously creative and therapeutic nature of diamond painting.

All this talk of arts and crafts has our creative wheels turning...

Diamond paintings are everyone’s new favorite gift, and we all know nothing says, “I care about you” like personalization. What if customizable diamond kits allowed consumers to transform their favorite family photo into a sparkling diamond painting? Sounds like the gift industry is about to get a lot shinier 💎.

Trying to paint a clearer picture? 🎨

Check out the sparkling diamond paintings available at these Shopify stores:

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