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Sugar helps the medicine go down
Uncover the groundbreaking idea that has vitamin and mineral supplements trending as we zoom in on the front lines of the nutritional revolution.
Jessica Kane, Head of Market Analytics @ Conversion Bear
June 26, 2020

With unlimited information at our fingertips, the modern world is becoming increasingly health conscious. But growing more aware doesn’t mean outgrowing that sweet tooth, and nothing says, “ignorance is bliss,” like a happy little kid polishing off his gummy bears.

If you’ve patiently awaited a healthy alternative to those chewy bites of sugar, starch and gelatin, today is your day.

Gummy dietary supplements are everybody’s new favorite candy

Gummy supplements first appeared about 30 years ago as a revolutionary solution to generations of children refusing to swallow pills, chew tablets or drink yucky syrups. These nutritional candies quickly became an industry favorite, leading manufacturers to discover a well-kept secret: adults want candy too! 🤯

Vitamins, minerals and supplement gummies for adults target the increasingly health-conscious consumer, offering an array of dietary supplements in addition to traditional vitamins and minerals, plus various vegan and all natural options.

The general supplements market grew at a CAGR of 6% between 2014 and 2018, while their rising star, gummy supplements dominated the market with a growth rate of 16% over the same 4 years.
The healthy gummy industry is standing front and center, and our spotlight is on Goli.com Nutrition’s apple cider vinegar gummies.

Golis are as nutritious as they are delicious.

Natural health is on the rise, and its patrons have been promoting shots of apple cider vinegar for generations. However, only few are brave enough to endure the substance’s sour, acidic flavor in order to obtain its many nutritional benefits.

When Goli Nutrition founder, Michael Bitensky, set out to supply the public with a more accessible version of ACV, he cleverly coined the slogan, “Taste the apple. Not the vinegar.” Goli gummies offer all the health advantages of traditional apple cider vinegar, and none of the burn.

The company’s website caters to the modern, self-educated shopper, who is no longer content to blindly accept the doctors vitamin recommendations. It’s platform of total transparency allows customers to feel confident and informed.

Goli quickly realized the only thing better than a healthy candy is a healthy lifestyle

The company ingeniously markets itself as a way of living, reminding customers that these chewy supplements could be the first steps towards reaching their fitness goals.

Sounds too sweet to resist? Don’t! 🍬

As Goli Nutrition has proven, the health-aware consumers of 2020 are on the lookout for dietary supplements beyond traditional vitamins. Superfoods are all the hype, and apple cider vinegar is only one of many with a less than pleasant flavor. Fitness acolytes everywhere struggle to include more bitter or sour vegetables, roots and berries in their daily diets. We’re thinking an assorted superfood gummy pack is a long time in coming.

Hungry for inspiration?

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Until next time, stay sweet and healthy!
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