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Gua Sha
Get scraping at the latest Chinese healing practice to resurface in 2020.
Jessica Kane, Head of Market Analytics @ Conversion Bear
November 20, 2020

Stressed about jump starting your next business idea?

Be calm and Gua Sha.

This original form of East Asian healing practice is on the up and coming, as consumers indulge in more and more forms of all natural at-home self-care.

Gua Sha is glowing as brightly as its satisfied users

Gua Sha is bringing consumers’ stress levels down as its own market reach shoots up. See this Australian brand %155 increase in sales as an example.

So what are we (and Vogue) excited about? Beautifully crafted massage crystals you can use on your face, of course. You might recognize it's down to earth cousin - the face roller.

Gua Sha a facial technique (translates to “scraping” in Chinese) in which a jade Gua Sha tool is pulled across the skin to ease muscle tension and increase blood flow. It’s massage and self-care in one, and no one needs some tension relief quite like the 2020 consumer.

Drum roll please: Gua Sha tools come in all shapes, sizes and prices.

A massage technique that was originally performed with anything from Chinese soup spoons to a person’s knuckles, Gua Sha still takes many forms.

Tools are made most commonly from jade or rose quartz, with assorted angles and features. If consumers aren’t enchanted by Wilding’s comb-edge empress stone, they’re sure to be won over by Angela Caglia’s rose quartz Gua Sha.

Both Shopify based brand stores invoke the legends surrounding their stone of choice, leaning on the particular healing powers associated with each material. If you're ever going to dropship this tool, that should be your branding focus.

Consumers looking to relieve tension aren’t just buying a stone or facial tool - they’re buying a feeling. Since customers need to learn how to use them, some of the marketing videos we watched have millions of views. Like this 8M views video by Lanshin:

The only thing that could relieve tension better than a Gua Sha is a great idea 🕊️

Ancient healing devices may be trending, but modern technology could still give them a run for their money. Many age-old massage techniques, like Gua Sha, could amplify their benefits with a bit of sonic vibrations of microcurrents. Electric Gua Sha, anyone?

Scrape a bit deeper

Check these Shopify stores’ Gua Sha impressive collections:

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