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Just brew it
Have a sip of this summer’s hottest beverage, and we’ll do our best to spill all the deets and none of the kombucha.
Jessica Kane, Head of Market Analytics @ Conversion Bear
August 28, 2020

Hard kombucha might be your easy sell this summer.

Don’t miss 2020’s tea party, which is trading Boston for California, and teabags in the harbor for hard kombucha in a 6 pack. CA may be at the heart of this trend, but the rest of the world is quickly following suit as more consumers make hard kombucha their drink of choice.

Excuse us, White Claw, hard kombucha coming through

Hard kombucha’s success has been brewing for a few years now, with sales having increased by more than $11 million from 2017 to 2019.

As health-conscious consumers want to integrate wellness and alcohol cultures, low calorie favorites like spiked seltzer have never been bigger. The up-and-comer of these alternative drinks is a variant of kombucha, the fermented tea whose health benefits have been celebrated for thousands of years.

Hard kombucha is brewed with more sugar and yeast than its traditional counterpart, yielding an alcohol content of about 4-7 percent. Botanical food trends combined with a general shift in consumer preferences towards low ABV cocktails has hard kombucha situated to conquer the drinks market. So many options, but we’ll have the California based Flying Embers, please.

Flying Embers’ glass isn’t just half full - it’s overflowing.

Founded in 2016, Flying Embers is filling cups across America with a long-awaited healthier alcohol product that appeals to the millennial market and beyond.

The company’s kombucha differs from other popular brands because of their unique fermentation process, which turns out a beverage that is loaded with probiotics, super flavorful and sugar free.

Flying Embers’ kombucha is, “brewed with gratitude,” for the company’s surviving a wildfire that threatened their fermentation lab in 2017. With a backstory that is also a survival story, the brand not only touches its customers’ hearts but makes each buyer a part of the process of giving back. They include their consumer base by donating proceeds to firefighters and first responders, and maintaining the charity project as a recurring theme across their social media platforms. Here's a recent example:

Wondering what might make consumers tipsy next?

From macrame to ice dying, there’s no denying we live in a DIY age. Well, consumers who want to do-it-themselves are probably itching to brew-it-themselves! Brewing kombucha is a relatively straightforward process, but intrigued beginners often hit a roadblock when it comes to gathering materials. A DIY kombucha brewing kit might be the answer.

Still thirsty? 🍸

Check out these beau-Tea-ful stores for some more kombucha inspiration:

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Until next time, keep slurping up new opportunities!
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