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Meet the oldie-but-goodie that’s become the latest tech trend.
Jessica Kane, Head of Market Analytics @ Conversion Bear
October 16, 2020

Remember when the 2004 remake of Around the World in 80 Days taught you the valuable lesson that newer doesn’t necessarily mean better?
The keyboard industry is in the midst of coming to that same realization. PC users around the world are trading their higher-tech membrane keyboards for the good, old mechanical alternative.

This blast-from-the-past is quickly becoming the future

With modern technology moving a million miles per hour, who could’ve guessed that its latest destination would be… a trip back to basics.

The global mechanical keyboard is shooting up faster than gamers can slide their fingers from key to key, and the industry is predicted to continue its upward climb at a rate of 16.8% over the next 3 years.

Consumers are finding themselves drawn to the longer lifespan, superior feel and customizable typing experience of the mechanical keyboard (this 900K views video explains why).

Click down and check out our favorite Kono Store.

Hit enter to see for yourself ⌨️

Kono Store was founded by a group of input device enthusiasts hoping to restore an emphasis on functionality over aesthetics.

Not that Kono doesn’t carry beautiful devices (because they do), but the store caters to a niche community determined to combat the negative influence minimalist style has had on the keyboard designs of most mainstream manufacturers. And as it turns out, the community of keyboard lovers is thriving and making some noise. After all, keyboards are - as CEO Andrew Lekashman puts it - “the bridge that you use to do most everything with a computer.”

Kono thrives because it knows its consumer base inside out. The Store offers superior products to buyers who are willing and able to splurge for quality. With a great product and devoted following, marketing can be as simple as genuine raving reviews, like this one:

Wondering what will be the the next gateway for human-to-computer communication? 🕹️

If we’re throwing-back to the the 90s, why not go all the way? We already know gamers love their fancy input devices, and nothing says “gaming” like a PC joystick! We’re thinking it’s about time someone brought the joystick back, with all the 2020 tech pazzazz of the mechanical keyboard...

Eager to click on more mechanical inspiration?

Click away on these Shopify stores’ keyboard collections:

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Keep wearing your keyboard out with new ideas and stay tuned!
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