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Milking the latest health food trends
Discover the most recent plant-based food trend as we zoom in on everyone’s new favorite milk substitute - Oat.
Jessica Kane, Head of Market Analytics @ Conversion Bear
July 31, 2020

From Bill Clinton to Beyonce, it’s a vegan’s world in 2020. As more and more consumers find themselves drawn to the sustainability and health benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, the stage is set for this year’s vegan product trends. Our pick this week is reminding consumers why there’s really no use crying over spilt milk - because oat milk is better, anyway!

Got oatmilk? Everyone else seems to! 🥛🌾

Almonds and soy and oats, oh my! There’s a wider range of dairy substitutes on the market today than ever, and no shortage of consumers lining up to buy them. In fact, research shows that 40% of Americans choose vegan milk over dairy milk.

Of all the plant-based milk products available, oat milk has one of the creamiest consistencies, and the advantage of being completely allergen free. Plus, it’s uniquely low adverse environmental impact is irresistible to eco-conscious consumers.

This dairy substitute is quickly finding its way into more and people’s cereal and coffee. And it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, with the global oat milk market predicted to surpass $490 million by 2026.
So who’s milking this health food trend best? Say 👋 to Califia Farms’ Protein Oat.

Protein Oat is redefining the role of dairy substitutes

Califia Farms’ CEO, Greg Steltonpohl, describes the company’s mission as, “[to] make it easy for people to go plant-based and dairy-free with better packaging and more enticing flavors." The company actualizes these words with their impressive selection of 60+ plant-based and dairy-free products.

Their stunning Shopify store is not only commercial, but educational, offering visitors insights and explanations about the benefits of going plant-based. Their most recent contribution to the dairy-free community is Protein Oat, a milk substitute infused with protein from peas, oats and sunflower seeds, enabling it to provide all the nutrients of dairy milk.

With its clever advertising slogan, “demand more from your milk”, Protein Oat is redefining the endgame of dairy substitutes: not plant-based products that are as good as dairy products, but plant-based products that are better than dairy products.

Wondering where plant-based culture is going to bloom next? 🌾

Plant-based milk is all the rage, and oats are everyone’s latest top pick. But milk isn’t the only dairy product enriched by its distinct creamy texture and array of nutrients. Vegan consumers are constantly on the lookout for plant-based substitutes for other dairy products like… yogurt. With their unique texture and health benefits, we’re thinking oats would be the perfect base for the next BIG vegan yogurt.

Thirsty for more oat-based inspiration?

Check out these Shopify stores and their creative dairy substitutes:

  • Oat-my-god! check out Oatly.
  • Soy chicken on the side? See Daring.
🔮 Quickies
Until next time, keep milking the latest trends!
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