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Sun's out, buns out
Let’s Explore the trend keeping folks grilling under the sun this season.
Jessica Kane, Head of Market Analytics @ Conversion Bear
August 7, 2020

The sun is out, the kids are off and families are spending more time together than they have in summers past. Family friendly fun is the top of everyone’s to-do list, and nothing meets that criteria like a backyard barbecue. Kitchens around the world came out with the August sun, and consumers are investing in all the right gadgets to make their outdoor cooking spaces THE place to be this summer.

Cooking outdoors is on fire 🔥

Call it a barbecue, churrasco, asado or braai, people all over the world choose to celebrate holidays and spend quality time with friends and family by flipping meat and vegetables on the grill. Outdoor cooking is more than just a culinary experience, having become a cultural phenomenon in many countries and a lifestyle for enthusiasts.

Today - 30 years since the introduction of outdoor cabinets revolutionized the experience of cooking under the sun - one in ten BBQ aficionados supports a full outdoor kitchen space. And the global grilling industry is only getting hotter, predicted to grow at a CAGR of 4% over the next four years 🧯.

So which flame is burning brightest? We’re definitely feeling the heat from Nexgrill.

Nexgrill is every backyard chef’s dream come true.

Coining the clever slogan, “hungry for different”, Nexgrill is on a mission to reshape the way we think about grilling. The company’s philosophy walks the thin line between tradition and invention, urging grillers to embrace the BBQ customs they were raised on while simultaneously broadening the spectrum of what’s possible in an outdoor kitchen.

Prospective buyers can’t help but be drawn in by their unique brand approach. Features like the brand’s absorbing mini documentary series, “Beyond the Flame”, and irresistible recipes blog enable this generation of backyard chefs to transcend the flavours they were taught.

Brainstorming what outdoor chefs might hunger for next?

For many consumers, the only downside to a family gathering around the backyard grill is their guilty environmental conscience. It reminds them that Fourth of July BBQs in the US consume the amount of energy required to power 20,000 households for one whole year. With creative solutions on the rise like solar cooking and natural gas grills, it seems like the BBQ market is just waiting for the perfect eco-friendly grilling solution to come along ♻️

Not hot enough?

Stoke the flame with these Shopify stores’ stunning collections of grills and outdoor cooking accessories:

🔮 Quickies
Now go get cooking and we’ll see you soon!
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