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There’ll be no topping this pizza trend
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Jessica Kane, Head of Market Analytics @ Conversion Bear
August 14, 2020

The distinct smell of cheese melting over tomato sauce, heat emanating from that enormous steel oven, and the sound of your stomach begging for attention… you must be in the local pizzeria, right? Maybe not!
More consumers are being won over by the possibility of bringing their favorite pizza experiences home. A fresh pizzeria-quality pie on your living room couch? Now, that’s the sound of your stomach saying, "thank you".

Everyone wants a slice of the portable pizza oven pie

Once upon a time, enjoying a traditional wood-fired pizza at home meant installing a bulky brick oven in your backyard. Sounds like a blast - if hungry consumers could only muster up the funds and space to make it possible.

Today, the pizza oven industry offers a more realistic solution: lightweight ovens that reach as high as 900 degrees Fahrenheit - the temperature required to cook a crispy pie in minutes. With portable pizza ovens becoming a must-have appliance in homes around the world, the pizza oven market is geared up to skyrocket.

Turns out the early bird does catch the worm - and the pizza pie. Allow us to introduce Ooni Pizza Ovens, first to master the portable pellet pizza oven 8 years ago and a leading brand in today’s market.

If Ooni every home could be a pizzeria...

In 2012, Kristian Tapaninaho and Darina Garland discovered, “there’s little that unites people more than awesome pizza,” as their Scotland-based company quickly made a global name for itself.

Ooni revolutionized the pizza oven industry with their novel portable pellet oven, which finally enabled consumers to create their own traditional wood-fired pizzas at home. Ooni’s Shopify store is as warm and irresistible as the dish it lives to serve.

The brand’s innovative pizza gadgets keep its customers gathered around the tray in their vibrant community, where dedicated foodies can ask, share and connect. As home pizza chefs continue to swap advice and recipes, the brand’s value continues to grow. As for the enthusiasts who haven’t yet caught their scent, Ooni’s impressive affiliate program is sure to emit and aroma too powerful to miss.

Determined to get your pizza this pie? 🍕

There’s a reason pizza is synonymous with birthday party - there’s no easier way to charm your guests than with several pizza pies! If restaurant owners want to serve numerous pies at the same time, they’ll invest in a deck oven - a double decker oven which allows the chef to cook various pies at once. Are you thinking what we’re thinking? A bunch of these portable single deck oven models could totally handle another deck.

Don’t be shy, we can tell you want another slice.

Stomach still rumbling? Check out these Shopify stores:

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