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Raising the (soap) bar
How to slip your way into the hand washing trend.
Jessica Kane, Head of Market Analytics @ Conversion Bear
December 9, 2020

Who would’ve guessed Happy Birthday would become the 2020 global mantra.

In the daily battle against germs, consumers have upped their hand washing game like never before. But humming Happy Birthday twice from start to finish is no longer enough. The bar has been raised.

Soap bars are bubbling up 🧼

The stage was set for soap bars before any of us even knew the word Coronavirus.

Sustainability and environmental trends have been slowly taking over cosmetics and hygiene markets, encouraging stores to think outside the packaging box.

Being their own natural container, soap bars are every environmentalists dream. Throw in a global surge in hygiene awareness, and soap bars are every consumers new best friend.

Wondering who washed it best? Our votes for Hand in Hand.

Hand in Hand is the whole (sustainable) package

Founded in 2011, Hand in Hand takes the concept of a business's social conscience one step further.

The brand is on a social mission to save lives by cleaning hands.

After discovering that 45% of water illness related deaths could be prevented by simple hand washing, Hand in Hand partnered with the world-wide child advocacy group My Neighbor’s Children in their “Buy a Bar. Give a Bar.” campaign. They have donated 3,000,000 soap bars so far (and counting).

Today, the company works with numerous organizations to supply soap for communities in Haiti and Cambodia, and has launched a clean water program as well.

Here are some greater good brand campaigns we're inspired by:

P.S - here's why Toms shifted away from it's one for one campaign.

Will hygiene products ditch their liquid form?

Soap bars are great and all, but the next step in the sustainable hygiene products trend is undoubtedly everything bars. We could use bars on our heads too. Will 2021 be the year of Shampoo and conditioner bars? we sure hope so.

Looking to get cleaner?

Get scrubbing with these Shopify stores:

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