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This latest eco-friendly trend will send your head through a spin cycle.
Jessica Kane, Head of Market Analytics @ Conversion Bear
October 30, 2020

Turns out it really is the cloths that makes the man… and how you wash the clothes.
The latest staple of going green is how a person chooses to do their laundry, and environmentally conscious consumers around the world are purchasing the products necessary to keep both their clothes and the planet as clean as possible.

Laundry day has never been so popular

The global laundry detergents market is bubbling up higher than ever.

It is predicted to continue growing at a rate of 2.88% over the next 5 years.

Rising environmental awareness has the public airing out the detergent industry’s dirty laundry, including the harmful effects these products can have on marine life and human development. The movement towards more sustainable laundry solutions promotes running the washing machine less often, rationing detergent use and using an eco-friendly detergent.

If anyone does their research, it’s environmentally conscious consumers, investigating everything from a detergent’s formula to the carbon emissions of production. Defunkify is passing their test with flying colors.

Defunkify is the scientifically proven remedy for funk

In 2017, Dune Sciences, Inc. developed their new and improved laundry solution, guaranteed to clean customers’ clothes without dirtying the planet. While many detergents simply masked odors, Defunkify set out to actually remove them.  

The brand makes itself unique by emphasizing the scientific foundation of all its products. Rather than outsourcing product mixtures like most cleaning product startups, Defunkify developes its formulas in-house (and has a really nice "About us" page too).

When it comes to ads, laundry detergents are facing a swirl.

Get inspired by some of the best ads ever made in the laundry game:

* Tide's 2018 Superbowl ad

* Persil's Dirt is Good and the controversial Free the Kids ad

* Still Still fresh Downey Unstoppables

* Gain's Dog Towel ad

Here’s one for your laundry list of ideas.

Even environmentally conscious brands like Defunkify still have difficulties making 100% recyclable packaging that can effectively hold liquid or powder detergent. We’re thinking the key to a sustainable detergent solution is pods! An eco-friendly detergent pod packed in  recycled cardboard or paper sounds like a green dream ♻️

Still got another load of questions?

Browse these stores for some freshly scented inspiration:

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