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Cat litter is getting smart
Smart cat litter is proving an even smarter business decision. prettylitter.com might just be the smartest of them all.
Jessica Kane, Head of Market Analytics @ Conversion Bear
June 19, 2020

Our pets are our best friends, and like any best friend - they have the potential to drive us insane. For cat owners, the latter half of this love-hate relationship is perpetuated by that twice-daily post-potty cleanup and the smell it leaves behind 🤢

Thinking there’s got to be a better way? The cat litter industry is way ahead of you.

Pet owners everywhere are lining up for the latest cat litter solutions

Nothing puts a cat owner’s relationship with his feline friend to the test like the constant chore of scooping, changing and smelling his cat’s litter box. The cat litter industry has been in problem-solving mode for a while now, and the market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 6.5% over the next 5 years.

Impressive solutions range from scent-masking litters, to materials that naturally clump together when they come in contact with liquid, making scooping a breeze. Stranded indoors with their furry companions, the pet owners of 2020 are no less determined to acquire their favorite products. In fact, pet revenue has grown by a shocking 63% since the outbreak of COVID-19.

Competition may be thick, but industry frontrunner prettylitter.com just took it to the next level 🚀

Pretty and smart? PrettyLitter is the full package

What if your cat’s litter box was effective, pretty and… monitored your cat’s health? This was the question on the front of PrettyLitter CEO, Daniel Rotman’s mind in 2015, when his revolutionary cat litter solution won the ‘consumer product’ category on ABC Family’s reality show, Startup U.

He went on to collaborate with veterinarians and a pet product laboratory to develop a lightweight, odor-resistant and eco-friendly cat litter that would change color to indicate abnormalities in a cat’s urine 🐈.

PrettyLitter was taking full advantage of it’s ecommerce platform even before stay-at-home orders, offering pet owners an irresistible alternative to lugging home that 40 lb bag of litter from the pet store.

The company’s name and advertisements cleverly remind its customers that litter doesn’t have to interfere with home decor. It can be as fun and charming as everything else about their pet!

Sounds like a market hot enough to peak your interest? 🙀

With the litter market booming, we’re thinking the next step might be redesigning the litter box itself. After all, it’s 2020 - our dishes wash themselves, our watches monitor our heart rates and we can place phone calls without touching our phones. Modern technology is transforming our world by the hour, while pet owners still strain their backs to scoop poop out of a box. Automated, self-cleaning litter box, anyone?

Waiting for that spark of creativity?

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