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The student’s notebook has become the master
The notebook market is quickly turning pages, and we’re making sure you don’t fall behind.
Jessica Kane, Head of Market Analytics @ Conversion Bear
September 4, 2020

If getting in on the newest trends is next on your to-do-list, look no further than your list itself.

Do you utilize innovative day-planning technologies, or are you a pen-and-paper traditionalist? As modern consumers prepare for the new school year and head back to work, they face a similar dilemma: tablet or notebook? Turns out 2020 is offering the best of both worlds.

Smart notebooks are half tablet, half notebook, and all the talk this back-to-school season

The global smart notebook market is spiraling its way to the top, predicted to grow 17.3% over the next 6 years.

Smart notebooks provide enough of the pen-to-paper experience to achieve the benefits associated with traditional note taking, and are just smart enough to incorporate the advantages of the digital age. Ranging from movement-tracking pens to microwave-to-erase journals, this notebook of ideas is constantly adding new pages. Even old-school brands like Moleskine are revamping their time-honored notebooks to enable customers to edit and share their notes online.

If cyberspace is the final frontier, Rocketbook is the brand boldly going where no man has gone before.

Rocketbook is shooting for the moon

Rocketbook was ready for takeoff 3 years ago, when the founders’ first notebook model was rejected on ABC’s Shark Tank. In the end, their Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowdfunding campaigns provided enough fuel to shoot farther off the ground than any of the sharks could have imagined.

Today, Rocketbook offers a range of reusable notebooks and an app that scans handwritten notes onto popular cloud services like email, evernote and google drive. Wondering how this “notebook of the future” anticipates what consumers will want? Easy - it asks them.

Consistent its founders quirky personalities, Rocketbook has developed a unique and comedic voice. Through their website, instagram, youtube channel and facebook, the company has created a charming persona that buyers find irresistable.

Wondering how notebooks could get even smarter?

Rocketbook may be out-of-this-world, but it has the same drawback as the space vessel its named for: it takes a while to reach your destination. Once a customer has filled their pages, they must scan each one individually on to the app. Other brands utilize motion and pressure sensing technologies to digitally record notes in real-time, but without the reusable pages that make Rocketbook a sustainable paper alternative. The next page in this market is a notebook so smart, it does both - digitally stores handwritten notes in real-time AND provides endlessly reusable pages.

If we’ve got you taking notes, don’t stop now!

Scroll through these store pages for inspiration:

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Keep writing down every idea, and we’ll see you soon!
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