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So mush-room for innovation
Lion’s mane mushroom extract is more popular than ever, and we’re ready to hear this latest trend roar.
Jessica Kane, Head of Market Analytics @ Conversion Bear
October 2, 2020

If you’ve found an apple a day doesn’t really keep the doctor away, a teaspoon of mushroom extract just might.

An exotic array of medicinal mushrooms are sweeping the globe, and health conscious consumers everywhere are swapping that extra spoonful of coffee for a morning dose of the most exciting mushroom extract of all: Lion’s Mane.

Lion’s Mane is king of the mushroom jungle

The global medicinal mushroom extract market is growing as rapidly as the fungi themselves, predicted to hit over 15 million USD.

Lion’s Mane truly resembles its namesake, growing in clusters of large white globes with shaggy exteriors. The health benefits of these pretty mushrooms have been hailed in Chinese medicine for generations, and become the latest buzz of the wellness community.

Mushroom culture is about more than just a spoonful of antioxidants - it reflects the greater health and environmentally conscious movements that have given rise to it. And no brand understands that better than Life Cykel.

Life cykel isn’t just your average fun-gi - it’s caring too

Life Cykel founders Julian Mitchell and Ryan Creed redefined circular living when they endeavoured to grow mushrooms from coffee waste. Once they’d raised $30,000 through crowdfunding, their coffee mushrooms quickly became a local phenomena, with community cafe owners agreeing to trade coffee grounds for the gourmet oyster mushrooms the grounds would create.

Today, Life Cykel is on a mission to unlock, “humanity’s potential with… functional mushroom products.” The brand invites their customers to partake in the process of sustainable farming with their home grown mushroom boxes and pollination kits. Life Cykel brands their Lion’s Mane Maca drink into more than just a flavorful beverage - it’s a step consumers can take towards creating, “positive solutions to real world problems.”

Here’s a wild idea 🍄

It’s a Health Health Revolution, and the time for dietary supplements has never been riper. Mushroom connoisseurs will take their Lion’s Mane however they can get it - as a powder, as a liquid or even in a capsule. Maybe the supplement market is just waiting for a bold brand to introduce mushroom gummies...

Still foraging for more?

Have a look at these wild Shopify stores for some mushroom flavored inspiration:

🔮 Quickies
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  • Would you pay $128K to send your product to space?
  • VCs bet $1B on an online convenience store.
Stay king of the market and see you soon!
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