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The snuggle is real
Join us in unwrapping our latest trend, while babies everywhere are staying bundled up tight.
Jessica Kane, Head of Market Analytics @ Conversion Bear
September 25, 2020

Think there’s nothing cuter than a sleeping baby? Try a sleeping baby wrapped up like a little human burrito. 🌯

Humans may have been swaddling babies to keep them calm and comfortable for thousands of years, but the practice has seen a recent resurgence as more and more parents take comfort in the intimate ritual of wrapping their newborn up tight and secure.

It’s swaddling time

Internet searches for “swaddles” have been shooting up this season.

What are newborns trying to ask for when they cry? Often, the same thing we all want when we’re having a bad day - a hug. 🤗  Even the most dedicated new parents can’t hug and cradle their babies all through the night, but they can invest in muslin blankets and sleep sacks to help their newborns feel secure during those first few months.

Experts suggests that swaddles soothe newborns, keeping them warm at night without the risks associated with a traditional blanket.
And we can’t help but get all wrapped up in Solly Baby’s unique, minimalist swaddle blankets.

Solly Baby’s blankets are every baby’s new best friend

Elle Rowley founded Solly Baby in 2011, determined to share the wrap she had perfected to keep both her baby and back as comfortable as possible. Shortly after, Solly Baby released their swaddle collection, sweeping the market with soft, light weight and modestly patterned blankets made from their signature organic fabric.

Taking the same minimalist approach to parenting has helped the company formulate its distinct identity, becoming a kind of parent whisperer. Solly Baby utilizes its IG's 426K following to urge parents not only to allow the brand’s blankets to calm their babies, but also the company’s tranquil parenting approach to calm them.

Why should babies have all the fun?

With the increasing popularity of weighted blankets, it’s no secret that adults, too, sometimes long for the warmth and security of being cradled. Professional adult swaddling has already taken off in Japan, but what about just a swaddle blanket adults can hang out in at home? Sign us up, please!

Scroll through pictures of adorable little burritos

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