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The trend that’ll rope you in
Trend alert! This is knot a drill.
Jessica Kane, Head of Market Analytics @ Conversion Bear
November 13, 2020

Give a 2020 home-decor enthusiast enough rope and they’ll hang… their plants on their living room walls, of course!

Stylish #macramé plant holders are only one example of the textured wall art fad weaving its way into this year’s home ornament favorites. In the era of boho and DIY trends, it was only a matter of time before this age-old craft took the stage.

Macramé wall hangings are not coming down any time soon

Staring holes into your plain white living room walls got you down?

Macramé has been in and out of fashion since the 13th century, peaking in the 70’s when nothing said free-spirit like a loose, woven tank top.

This textile craft’s latest comeback can be attributed to its affordability and compatibility with many of this year’s most popular interior design trends. It’s the age of DIY, and all intrigued consumers need to get started with this simple artform is a few tools and some time on their hands.

We won’t leave you hanging! Meet Modern Macramé.

Modern Macramé is a small Portland, Oregon-based company that has managed to become a leading force in this year’s macrame revival. The brand prides itself on its elaborate selection of DIY materials and crafting workshops, imbued with a passion for teaching and creating by owner and influencer, Emily Katz.

The brand's Shopify store doesn’t only provide macrame aficionados with rope and rings, but also guidance and inspiration (271K followers and counting).

Ever tried posting your DIY videos on Instagram instead of YouTube?

This might seem like an unorthodox move, but it's doing a great job keeping Modern Macramé's customers engaged. Have a peek below.

Determined to tie the knot yourself? 🧶

Macrame wall hangings are back and bolder than ever, but why stop there?

2020 might be the 70s incarnate, and the uniform of the 70s was... macrame tops and dresses! We’re thinking this home decor trend could become a fashion trend (there's a men version too 😮).

Still knot satisfied?

Scroll through these Shopify stores for more macramé:

🔮 Quickies
Wishing you a string of good luck until next time.
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