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Time to look under the bed
The bedframe market is getting comfortable at the top.
Jessica Kane, Head of Market Analytics @ Conversion Bear
September 18, 2020

Weighing a bit of neck and shoulder pain against your determination to get through the latest season of Selling Sunset? You’re not alone.

Call it Forward Head Posture or Netflix neck, consumers are on a mission to fight back with screen-time-friendly furniture. And like almost everything - it starts in the bedroom.

Don't sleep on the bed frame trend 🛌 😴

Prompted by streaming wars and expedited by the pandemic, the global bedroom furniture market is expected to grow at a rate of 4.5% over the next years.

The timeless definition of bedtime - once shorthand for, “Get to sleep, kids!” - is being tested by the digital age’s infamous hang-out-in-bed-time. Settling under the covers used to mean our minds could take their 8 hour break. But as unwinding becomes synonymous with watching TV, the bed frame market is quickly recognizing its role in perfecting Netflix binging.

This makes Headboards and adjustable bases more popular than ever, with upholstered headboards dominating 2020 bedroom design trends.
Ready to get cozy? Climb up onto cloud 9 with Zinus.

Re-bed-framing the experience of online furniture shopping

It may have taken furniture sales a while to find their place in the online world - having once relied heavily on showroom displays - but brands like Zinus are quickly turning online furniture shopping into a go-to.

Originally founded in 1979 as a tent company, Zinus launched its first bedding products in 2004 and patented its SmartBase bed frame 2 years later. The brand paved the way for easy furniture assembly by swapping the 50 page manual for beginner-friendly instructions that customers easily complete, “in the time it takes for you to wait out a commercial break.”

Their dreamy "Tales from the Box" mini video ad series showcases the magical world of easy furniture assembly. It uses wonder and playfulness to make you actually want to assemble a bed frame. Click to watch below.

We just had the craziest dream 💭

Not every TV loving consumer can afford a brand new headboard, but there are cheaper ways to get comfortable in front of a screen. Propping ourselves up in bed is often a hassle, frustration brewing as we arrange our pillows to support our necks and upper backs. TV enthusiasts everywhere are just waiting for someone to design the perfect pillow for screen time in bed.

Need some time to sleep on it?

Check out these Shopify stores’ bed frame collections:

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Until next time, keep having big dreams!
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