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Just add water!
Discover the latest trend in gardening and meet the industry’s oldest player and newly rebranded superstar.
Jessica Kane, Head of Market Analytics @ Conversion Bear
July 10, 2020

Home life in 2020 is an ongoing battle against cabin fever, and consumers everywhere are realizing the next best thing to exploring the great outdoors is bringing the great outdoors to them.

Home gardening is everyone’s new favorite pastime, and of all the tools available, the oldest and most reliable is coming out on top.

Watering cans are flooding the market 💦

Since the dawn of humanity, gardeners have had a mutual understanding with nature: they water their plants, and in return, their plants provide them with fruit, unique fragrance and beauty.

For centuries people used simple cans to water their gardens, until John Haws patented his uniquely efficient watering can design in the 1800s. In a tribute to the timelessness of Haws’s invention, modern designs still distinctly resemble his original.

Today, watering cans are increasingly popular among consumers, with the lawn and garden watering equipment market expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.5% over the next ten years. More and more young people are finding pleasure in nature, and the hands-on, interactive experience of watering their gardens 💧

Over 100 years later and against all odds, the recently rebranded Haws Watering Cans remains a global industry front runner.

This old dog has learned plenty of new tricks

Based in England, Haws was founded 130 years ago by John Haws, and passed to his son after him. In the aftermath of World War II, the company faced managerial and financial difficulties until the 1980s, when it was purchased and restored by Eclipse Sprayers.

The ripple effect of a rebrand 📦

This year, in an impressive rebranding campaign, directors Rich and Andy designed new, 100% recyclable packaging, redrew their logo, reframed their story to embody the brand’s rich history, and transformed their ecommerce platform into one of the most outstanding websites built on Shopify.

The company’s new persona appeals to the interests of the modern gardener, from environmental concerns like saving water to that wholesome, personal touch conveyed by Haws’s exceptional attention to detail.  

The company’s recent imagery highlight its refashioned identity, emphasizing to customers the impressive history and decades of experience behind its products.

Wondering what’ll sprout next? 🌱

In the era of house plant influencers on instagram, it’s a safe bet that young people are the future of the gardening industry. Haws’s instagram campaign #hawslittlegrowers took it one step further, featuring pictures of children watering their family gardens.

Parents are seeking a family-friendly pastime, but most watering cans are still too heavy for a child to lift or too suited to grandma’s aesthetic to catch their interest. We’re thinking it’s time for a line of lighter weight, brightly decorated watering cans for our generation of fledgling gardeners.

If we’ve successfully planted the seed...

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