Bundles Bear
by Conversion Bear
Sell more with volume discounts, quantity breaks and product bundles.
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$19.99/month. 7 day free trial.
Product bundles made easy
Offer product bundles with special discounts to increase your average order value.
Built-in volume discounts
Create bulk discounts when customers buy more. Display discounted prices on your product and cart pages.
Simple quantity breaks
Add tiered pricing and tiered discounts to increase your customers’ motivation.
Sell more with bundles and discounts
Bundle Bear makes it easy to create effective product bundles and tiered discounts. Offer customers more of the same product for less. Tiered pricing will keep your customers motivated and do wonders for your average order value.
Stunning and effective bundles
Bundles look awesome on product pages. You can pre-select options or highlight them to give customers that extra push. We built our volume discount layout with a mobile-first mindset. The app design is completely customizable to match any brand colors and fonts.
One click to discount
Entice customers to buy more with product bundles and tiered pricing. Set up bulk discounts for storewide products or specific ones. For example: buy 2 for 10% off, 3 for 15% off, etc. Customers can combine multiple discounts in one order.
Track every discount
Built in analytics dashboard to track revenue and engagement with your discounts. Monitor your bundle usage and conversion rates. Use the dashboard to optimize your volume discounts and win more sales.
Tiered pricing special features
Powerful tiered pricing options: built in price rounding (.99), hidden mode, unlimited quantity based discounts and more. With just 1 click, customers can add multiple products to their carts. No discounts? No problem. You can either show different tiers per product or offer no discounts at all.
Key Features
* Unlimited discounts and bundles.
* Apply tiered pricing and discounts to specific products, collections or all products in bulk.
* Easy buy more pay less - create volume discounts with a couple of clicks.
* Customers can claim multiple discounts.
* Set quantity breaks and apply discounts while keeping the app hidden.
* Design settings perfectly match any brand.
* Optional custom CSS and JS.
* Target specific countries.
* Set start and end dates.
* Live chat support and concierge setup.
* Custom placement inside product pages.
* Hides dynamic checkout buttons automatically.
* Works out of the box with any theme.
* No theme code changes or code injections.
7 day free trial
Volume discounts
Mix and match discounts
Unlimited offers
Hide from storefront
Discount rounding
Bundle discount stacking
* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.
Overall Rating
Based on +82 reviews
Most Recent Reviews
"Seamless experience. Got this setup in a couple of minutes and made my first sale on the first day. Amazing!"
Exclusive Paws
"Game changing app. I set a few but 2 for 10% off less offers and it's working like a charm. THANK YOU"
Jot Life
"Simple yet highly effective solution. I would highly recommend."
Third World Hype
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