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Recover abandoned carts with automated SMS drip campaigns.
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SMS drip campaigns
Recover more abandoned carts than ever before. Schedule a sequence of SMS messages to win back customers.
Built-in SMS discounts
Automatically include discounts and special offers in your SMS messages. Motivate customers to complete their purchases.
SMS abandoned cart recovery
We focus on what matters most - getting you more sales. Set up cart recovery campaigns in seconds.
Recover carts with SMS drip campaigns
A winner is just a loser who tried one more time.

SMS Bear makes it easy to create effective SMS drip campaigns. A drip campaigns is a sequence of thought-out, well timed messages that recover lost orders and bring back customers.
Powerful SMS marketing
SMS marketing is back. Inboxes are getting more crowded as stores compete for customers’ attention. Recent studies show SMS message open rates are as high as 98%! Cut through the noise today. Use SMS messages to win back your customers’ attention and recover carts.
Fully automated
Set it and forget it. SMS messages are completely automated and scheduled, saving you both time and money. Use automation triggers to get the right message to the right customer at the right time.
One click to discount
Entice customers to complete their purchases. Set up cart discounts: % off, $ off and free shipping in one click. Customers read your SMS messages and click a direct link to checkout. It’s that seamless. Get ready to recover more abandoned carts than ever before.
Track every click
Built-in analytics dashboard to track every SMS message. Monitor your SMS usage, revenue and automation conversion rates. Use the dashboard to optimize your drip campaigns and win more sales.
Key Features
* Get 100/month SMS messages on us!
* Create SMS drip campaigns in seconds - send text messages over time.
* Schedule SMS messages to arrive minutes, hours or days after cart abandonment.
* SMS cart recovery made easy - one click to add discounts to your messages.
* Target your audience with product, collection and cart value SMS triggers.
* Personalize your text messages with our dynamic text elements.
* Text message wizard with pretested message templates.
* Built in analytics - track all SMS message clicks and conversion rates.
* TCPA and CTIA guide to walk you through compliance.
* Test your SMS marketing messages before sending them to customers.
* Live chat support and concierge setup.
* Works out of the box with any theme.
* No theme code changes or code injections.
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"Seamless experience. I got 100 free messages and already recovered 23% of abandoned carts. Amazing!"
Sweet Paws
"Game changing app. I set up a couple of sequences and I'm already getting impressive returns. THANK YOU"
"Simple yet highly effective solution. I would highly recommend."
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