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Supercharge your checkout page
Easy, flexible and powerful checkout page editor for Plus stores.
Increase your cart value with embedded upsell offers
Offer customers to buy more products with ease. Use flexible targeting rules and make the right offer show to the right customer.
Increase your cart value
Increase customers' trust level
Provide that extra security first time buyers need. Boost your customers sense of trust by sharing your return policy, brand values and more.
Add trust badges
Increase customers' sense of urgency
Let customers know when only a few units are left in stock. Make more sales by increasing their fear of missing out.
Add stock countdown
Keep customers inside the checkout page
Why do customers have to go back to the cart page to make order changes? Enable customers to make changes right inside the checkout page to reduce your page bounce rate.
Unlock line item changes
Give customers an easy way to contact you
Directly connect customers with your support team by showing your contact details when it matters most.
Add contact information
Motivate customers to complete their purchase
Offer customers small discounts they can instantly use. A guaranteed approach to win more sales.
Add discount promotion
Powerful features for your checkout
Upsell offers
Embedded checkout page upsell offers, including built in analytics.
Line item changes
Allow customers to change a product variant or quantity.
Stock countdown
Show how many available units are left in stock to increase checkout urgency.
Trust badges
Target variants, products, collections, and cart values. We offer infinite combinations.
Contact information
Show your support phone number, email and business hours.
Discount code promotions
Highlight a discount code right inside the checkout page.
Payment badges
Show customers your supported ways of payment.
Custom widgets
We constantly build new widgets based on your needs and requests.
Built to match your brand
Your brand comes first - why should you give it up? We understand one size does not fit all. Checkout Bear automatically applies your brand colors and fonts to any widget.
Add on-brand widgets