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Honeycomb Upsell Funnels
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Sell more with Honeycomb. Post purchase upsell funnels & Cart upsell funnels.
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Sell More with Upsell Funnels
Increase your revenue by providing cart & post-purchase offers and discounts when customer loyalty is at its peak.
Upsell to Increase Your AOV
Make more money from the same traffic with non-intrusive upsell offers that your buyers will love.
Effective & Stunning Upsell
Easily customize compelling upsell funnels and unique offers that look amazing on any device.
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Post purchase upsell funnel
Pre purchase upsell funnel
No commissions
Our pricing plans are commissions free. Keep 100% of your upsell revenue and only pay for monthly views.
Integrated with Shopify checkout
The app works out of the box. It’s fully integrated with Shopify’s checkout. Get it up and running right away.
2 minute setup
Get started in a few clicks. Use our smart funnel wizard to create funnels in seconds.
Meet Honeycomb Upsell Funnels
Sell more with One Click Cart & Post Purchase Upsell Offers
The most effective way to boost your revenue without needing to increase your traffic. Honeycomb Upsell Funnels enables you to feature compelling upsell and cross sell offers on your thank you page (order summary) and on your cart page when customers click "go to checkout".
Increase Conversions with Multiple Upsell Offers
Improve your sales by promoting one upsell offer by another. Display up to 3 targeted offers to increase the chances of your buyer accepting. Choose distinct triggers for each funnel, so the right offers reach the right customers.
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100 monthly funnel views
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The post-purchase upsell is the most hands down easiest way to immediately start adding revenue that we have found.
Erik, CEO @ Kelly Cottons
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"I really like how it does its strategy and uniqueness technique in its products promotion compare to others."
"Easy to setup, made some sales from upsell quickly after setup!"
"They hit another one out of the park. Get on board with this great company it gets better with every app they develop."
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619 orders (23.3% conv. rate)
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Built to match your brand
Use our built in design templates and settings to match the app with your store and brand. Need a hand? our design team will design the app for you right away.